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How does affiliate marketing work?

How does affiliate marketing work?


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A lot of people ask, what is an affiliate?

Hi, my name is David from, I’m just going to skip all the BS and give it to you straight! I have simplified everything about affiliate marketing so its extremely easy to get your head around.

Affiliate marketing is actually a very simple concept! Don’t be fooled though just because it’s simple! While it may be simple and my years of experience affiliate marketing is the number one way that ordinary people like you and I can make a ridiculous amount of money on complete autopilot.

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s stuff and getting a commission, in this situation, both sides win because whoever things are selling is profiting because they’re selling products and then you’re winning also because you’re making commission’s.

Honestly the best part of affiliate marketing is the fact that it’s so simple and so practical for ordinary people, we don’t have to handle shipping, we don’t have to handle making products, we don’t have to handle any payments, really we don’t handle anything, all we take care of is the marketing.

So just to make it clear affiliate marketing is basically just, you getting a commission from companies items or services.
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+Helpful Reads on becoming an affiliate

Before you become an affiliate

  • You need to decide on a product then put your product in front of your target audience that’s it. Something you’re interested in or something that you use yourself would be best.
  • To do this you could join that an affiliate program of a major retailer like Amazon, eBay and thousands of another affiliate program.

For example, to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program and get a commission, just go to then scroll down to the bottom of the page, here you would find where it says to become an affiliate. Most major retailers like eBay and Amazon have it at the bottom.By doing this it will also tell you if they have an affiliate program or what process you may have to do to become an affiliate

  • When you find this link, then click on it and follow the process to complete the signup phase. Once you have done this find a product or service that you want to promote, to start off, it helps a lot if you have a lot of interest in this item or service, or it’s something you have used before.

When you have become an affiliate

So, for instance, let’s say you chose makeup. We then have to figure out the target audience, possibly you could start a fan page about makeup or a blog, vlog or even a website dedicated to selling and advising people about the pros and cons of certain brands etc.

once you have done this, and after you have built up traffic or a following You could then place your unique affiliate Link in front of your target audience. Many affiliate marketers say that the best way to go about it. You then have a better chance of ranking on Google and other search engines.

check list to become an affiliate

MOST important Affiliate Training Checklist!

Building Your Foundation to help make your site pay:

STEP 1: Planning And Goal Setting
STEP 2: Finding Your Niche
STEP 3: Selecting Your Domain Name
STEP 4: Building Your First Website
STEP 5: Finding some appropriate Affiliate Programs
STEP 6: Search Engine Optimization

Start being an affiliate today!
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