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Top-earning affiliate programs for the UK & worldwide (niche dependent)

If you have a website based on online gambling and this area is your affiliate niche or would maybe benefit from having some information, offers etc on your site, then the following below will help you to get started.

From top to bottom I will give you what I have found to be the quickest online gambling affiliates to earn cash faster than others…


888Affiliates Program Uaffiliates


888 affiliates are really easy and simple to use!

Is online gambling your affiliate niche? 888 Affiliates would be a great place to start because they have a huge number of brands that branch off from, so even if you just signed up with them you would have a massive choice. When I started off many years ago as an affiliate, I found that using 888affiliates was great because everything was in one place, you can choose as many of their brands as you like, and get paid fast all in one payment instead of various smaller payments from lots of different affiliates. You can keep track of all the accounts information, like clicks, signups, traffic, etc. You will get a dedicated team support member that will also be there to help you if you are stuck with anything. You can connect with them on Skype, which I found a massive help! You get paid directly into your Paypal account. Really fast and easy payment. Plus they have so much more amazing features, sign up to 888 affiliates, have a little play around, just get used to it all, you will pick it up in no time!

Good Luck 🙂

888casino’s brands:

  • 888casino
  • ReefClub
  • Casino on Net
  • 888poker
  • 888ladies
  • Wink Bingo
  • Tasty Bingo
  • Bingo Street
  • Redbus Bingo
  • Bingo Loft
  • Bingo Fabulous
  • Posh Bingo
  • BBQ Bingo
  • Ballroom Bingo
  • Bingo Hearts
  • Daisy Bingo
  • Scary Bingo
  • Celeb Bingo
  • Spy Bingo
  • 888sport
  • 888games

6 step visual guide – 888 Affiliates

6 step guide 888 affiliates

888Affiliate Commission pay table

CPA Commission

+whats CPA?

888 Affiliates CPA

Progressive Revenue Share

888 Affiliates Revenue Share
888 Affiliates Revenue Share.