What is the meaning of an affiliate?

What is a affiliate

How to start being an affiliate? (Easy Starters Guide)

Earn from affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing….???

Its a type of achievement based marketing program in which a company, also known as the merchant, rewards you, the affiliate for each visitor or customer brought to them by you that then resulted in a required action.

You, the affiliate (publisher) will enforce your own marketing efforts on your own website(s) or platform(s), that in return will earn them and you money!

Big Brands and Shops
Big brands will pay big money

Merchant, Affiliates & Customers

Merchants can be an online affiliate marketing retailer like Amazon, eBay, or even a service provider such as an online gambling site like 888casino. Affiliates are individuals or businesses that refer traffic to the merchant’s website (to an item or service). Affiliates can also be called publishers, the affiliate then publishes content on their site, advertising the merchant’s product or service. This could be anything from a handbag from a local high street chain, all the way to a really expensive car from some fancy car dealer like Rolls Royce! The more you help them (the company) sell, the more you get! Simples! Customers are the guys and gals that click on the advertised content whilst browsing the web and then secure a purchase or complete a specified action that is requested of them for the affiliate to make his/her commission.

Give Me An Example

So an example of somebody who could be an affiliate… Maybe they are a big fan of Drogheda United F.C and they create a fan site for the club, this may be some type of blog where they post Recaps of games or information like about the football club in their blog. They may also have some pictures, and within that, they also maybe have a link to droghedaunited.ie, where you can buy a football shirt for one of the stars in the team or maybe a cap or even other products and items that are related to the team.

What About Payment?

Payment is typically in the form of commission earnt (a percent of the sale), but sometimes merchants offer a flat rate amount of cash for a specific action or sometimes a mix of both. Sometimes you may even be offered an incentive to make a sale in the form of extra bonuses. This all depends on the payment structure of the affiliate program that you have signed up for.
Affiliate programs can offer several different forms of payment structures/ modules such as CPA, CPS, CPL or CPC.

Simply Summarised - 
An affiliate is 
a person or business 
that helps another person or business reach a sale!

How do I become an affiliate?

1, Is very simple, first of all, you need to do some planning, and decide your niche!

2, Once you have found your niche, you then need to find an affiliate program.

3, Sign up for the affiliate program that you think best fits your niche.

4, Have a play around with the affiliate program when you have been excepted, familiarise yourself.

5. When you have a better understanding of what needs to be done, then find the (links) that you want to use and place them on your website.